Visiting the region today

Visiting our region does not necessarily mean to you only sightseeing of archaeological monuments. This pleasant landscape typical by its warm sunlight, delicious wine and natural as well as historical monuments offers many possibilities and attractions.

Hradisko near Mušov

The starting point of your visit can be Hradisko near Mušov, a unique archaeological site with traces of Roman legions, through which leads the archaeological educational trail “Mušov – Gateway to the Roman Empire. The site is located close to the road No. 52 Brno–Vienna.

Aqualand Moravia

Directly besides the archaeological site there is the Aqualand Moravia complex, which is known by the highest number of roofed water attractions in the Czech Republic and by an extensive wellness area inspired by Roman baths. The water used in the aquapark comes from a geothermal borehole 1.5 km deep, which produces healing sulphurous water with a temperature of 46°C.

Hotel Termal Mušov

V bezprostřední blízkosti stojí Hotel Termal Mušov, který také odebírá termální vodu do svého bazénu pro hosty, i neubytované. Součástí hotelu jsou kromě pokojů, apartmánů a freedomků konferenční prostory či bowling. Restaurace hotelu nabízí gastronomické zážitky jídel z místních sezonních surovin. In immediate neighbourhood of the site there is Hotel Termal Mušov, which also uses thermal water in its swimming pool for the guests, including those who are not accommodated. The hotel comprises not only rooms, apartments and recreation houses, but also conference halls or bowling. The hotel restaurant offers gastronomic experiences with dishes prepared from local seasonal ingredients.

Autokemp Merkur Pasohlávky

On the road to Pasohlávky along the shore of the Nové Mlýny reservoir extends the camping site Autokemp Merkur Pasohlávky, which besides camping also offers cultural events and entertainment, restaurants, possibilities for sport activities or bathing on grassy-sandy beaches in two lagoons.

Circus Mušov

Před vstupem do kempu se nachází Circus Mušov, velkokapacitní stan určený pro disco, ale také občasné kulturní akce. In front of the entrance to the camp there is Circus Mušov, a large-capacity tent intended for disco and occasional cultural events.

Pavlov Hills

Poté se můžete vydat přes Pavlovské vrchy, které se chlubí krásnou a rozmanitou přírodou a nevšední krajinou s bílými vápencovými skalami, v létě rozkvetlou stepí, vinohrady a teplomilnými doubravami. Kromě přírody můžete obdivovat zříceniny hradu Děvičky či Sirotčí hrádek. Then you can walk through the Pavlov Hills which show off beautiful and variegated nature and an unusual landscape with white limestone rocks, in the summer a blooming steppe, vineyards and thermophilous oak woods. Except nature you can admire the castle ruins Děvičky or Sirotčí hrádek.

Dolní Věstonice - Pavlov

If you cross the water reservoirs towards the southeast, you will arrive in Dolní Věstonice where you can visit the archaeological exhibition The age of hunters and mammoths. From there it is not far to Pavlov where presently emerges a modern open-air exhibition which will be opened in 2016.


If you do not get lost in any of the local wine cellars, you will come to the beautiful historical town of Mikulov, which will offer to you many possibilities in the field of culture, entertainment or gastronomy. For example, you can visit its dominant feature, the Baroque chateau with numbers of interesting exhibitions, among others also an archaeological exhibition „The Romans and Germans in the landscape under the Pálava Hills“.

Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape

From the Dietrichstein residence you will easily reach the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, former domain of the Liechtenstein family, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.