Educational trail I

The territory of present-day Pasohlávky and of what was once the village of Mušov became almost two thousand years ago a target to Roman army commanded by Emperor Marcus Aurelius. His legionaries built here a mighty fortress, which even included the oldest baths on our territory.

Follow the footsteps of Roman legions on the educational trail, which will lead you to places of unique archaeological findings in the area of one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Czech Republic, Hradisko near Mušov.

Interactive map of Educational trail I

Obec Pasohlávky Cirkus Mušov Autokemp Merkur Aqualand Moravia Hotel Termal
You can download a leaflet with a map: Educational Trail I (4,6 MB)
Number panel Panel title Link
I. All roads lead out of Rome Panel I
II. On the walls Panel II
III. Our oldest baths Panel III
IV. Workshops Panel IV
V. As far as the eye can see Panel V
VI. Hradisko near Mušov Panel VI
VII. Port Gate Panel VII
VIII. Care for wounded Panel VIII
IX. The first Roman in Moravia (?) Panel IX
X. Do you know who has camped here before you? Panel X
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Aqualand Moravia Aqualand
ATC Merkur Merkur
Circus Mušov Circus