Panel IV. — „Workshops“

Here, on the terrace-like modified southern slope of Hradisko above the present-day vineyard, simple buildings of about 5x3 m in size were explored. They were built of wood and earth without the use of bricks or stone. The remnants of at least six single-room buildings of rectangular layout were documented. Their load-bearing structure consisted of posts in the corners and in the middle of long sides. They had simple wattlework walls daubed with clay from both in and outside, and their roofs were covered with straw or reed. Simple round ovens and refuse pits of irregular outline were placed in open spaces between houses.

Iron tools and fittings from Hradisko.

The original purpose of these features was mainly identified with the help of numerous finds obtained from individual houses. Among them was, besides ordinary Roman pottery and coins, an unusually large volume of small damaged metal objects, semi-finished products and production waste. They indicate that this part of the Roman fortress served as a district of craftsmen who were mainly specialised in repairs and maybe also simple production of arms and equipment for Roman soldiers. The local workshops (lat. fabricae) employed, among others, blacksmiths, artisan smiths, and metal founders. It is an evidence that inside the fortified area under the protection of the army have also lived some civilians, whose subsistence depended on military orders. This is the reason why they have accompanied the legions during military campaigns to enemy territories.

Visualisation of the presumed appearance of the manufacturing facilities.

Traianus, an aureus minted in 103–111 AD.

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